Tuesday, February 14, 2012

that said, i may not be an accessories person.

accessory (əkˈsɛsərɪ)
n , pl -ries

1/a supplementary part or object, as of a car, appliance, etc

2/( often plural ) a small accompanying item of dress, esp ofwomen's dress

3/a person who incites someone to commit a crime or assiststhe perpetrator of a crime, either before or during itscommission

4/supplementary; additional; subordinate

5/assisting in or having knowledge of an act, esp a crime

aside from the obvious...
imagining watches with thin wooden parts, couture re-useable grocery bags or totes, deliciously crafted cigarette holders
thinking of things that people carry around.. and could carry around more beautifully.
lunch. cigarettes. phones. groceries. gym clothes.
aren't clothes themselves accessories.. an addition to the human body?

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