Friday, September 18, 2009


i'm.... no... doesn't compare. i had to post it because i actually did it.
apparently i'll attempt to meet any of your challenges. haha.
and i'm 174 cm. more than kate. lesssss than erin wasson.
i'm. such. a. loser.

in other news. fuksas. they offered me an 'internship' so thats 6 months senza pagamento.
and forever without security... is it worth a name on the resume?
what to do. what. to. do.
emily advice. now. hah.


  1. love that you actually did that. shoot, take it! the other job is unpaid as well, as long as you hold fuksas' work in a higher regard . . . might open more doors, especially if you're parking in pasta country for awhile.

  2. Hey Tristan, I also got an internship offer yesterday from FUKSA, a little dissapointed that it is unpaid. So i was trying to search on the net to see other people internship's experience and i end up in your blog.

    So have you decided to go? When are you leaving? and have you have anyidea about the acomodation etc.?

    By the way, Im am Joe Pang from UC Berkley, add me facebook if you dont mind and keep eachother posted.

  3. Joe:
    First, I'm just absolutely shocked that you ended up here. hahah. I am in Rome now....
    Yea I'll just contact you on facebook!