Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thought I'd drop a quick post slash "tap in" because I've been out of action lately. Preparing to begin week 2 of second semester classes at the big C, so things are a mess on my laptop, in my sketchbook, in my room (increasingly reminiscent of my old room, T--piles of just STUFF are accumulating, and by STUFF I mean clothes and shoes of course).  Many new things to post, but that won't happen tonight. P.S. unlimited Mimosas are the key to life. This is a vest I'm working on/ was working on when I was back at home for a week with nothing to do but cut things into tiny pieces and reassemble them--oh, and smell grass, actually see stars finally, love all over my dogs and family and eat GERMAN food. Phew. It's a compilation of about three pairs of used jeans (the kickoff pair were thrifted Levi's cut into shorts). Think braided rug come vest with an sexy to-be-designed (industrialesque) closure.


  1. gah! i love that! i'm still trying to understand it in its entirety.. but i'm sure you'll get to that.

    i'm jealous of your busyness.. i could be busy too... but i have little desire or motivation..

    and its raining.....

  2. and your mention of german food has led me on a crazed recipe hunt... which will hopefully result in something a bit less 'italian' for dinner... xx miss you.
    weekend update?