Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So, I decide to walk to my interview from the apartment//refer to 'ROUTE MAP'// and disaster strikes...

as i stroll along the vatican wall, checking out all the tourists waiting in line for the vatican museum and trying to pick out the americans; my shoe flies six feet in front of me. wtf. i attempt to put it back on, realizing that in fact, it has broken. at this point i shriek, yes, i think shriek is the best term, 'WHAT THE FUCK." how, oh how could this happen. i have 30 minutes until my interview starts and only half way through my journey. bag. ok, there must be something in my bag that i can use to quickly fix this situation and be on my way. yes, i have tape in my sketchbook....

no, definitely not going to work. ok. so, with shoe in hand i realize that across the piazza there is a wonderful shoe store. new pair of shoes, great way to start a day and to show up at an interview, right? i run across the street//remember, i am only wearing one shoe...i'm that girl..// and down the sidewalk to the store. closed. great. rome on monday morning.

walking down via cola di rienzo, i stop at almost every store explaining my scarpa rotta, no black sandals, no black anything. so... i find the unfortunate fugly shoe store, with one lonely black sandal in size 40... more hideous than i imagined.. whatever.
27,50 € and two//future//hideous blisters, fine.

exit store. TAXI?!! shit. no cash. carta di credito?? no. ok. grazie//for nothing. ten cabs later i find one that takes credit cards. i'm in piazza san pietro. i have eight minutes. a bit of traffic, a lot of sweating, constant unnecessary time checking, and i'm two minutes late. i have no idea how much he charged my card for the cab ride. i should probably check the statement....

anyway, on the way home... i bought these. the blisters were killing. i felt shoe-defeated. and the heel reminds me of the balenciaga booties that i want more than anything in the world//not really, but close// oh and they were cheaper than the fugly medallion grandma-heel ones.
honestly, i doubt i'll ever actually wear them...

moral of story. if your shoe breaks on the way to an interview, the stress you were feeling about the interview is completely abated.


  1. i have no comments other than -- love love.
    hope you LOVE LOVE your new booties. i support that purchase. as always.

  2. wore them to dinner tonight with jeans. pretty happy about that..

  3. you should draw or wear the outfit in which you pictured yourself wearing them at the store while you were trying them on that made you buy them. < very confusing sentence, but remember when you bought the "cognac brown" pair and you and I mulled over all of the outfit configurations that the shoe enabled? shareeee.